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Ms. Noreen has worked for over seven years in nonprofit management, creating and directing programs that train and connect young professionals with community leadership opportunities. To that end, she co-created The Bridge, a program that trains over 150 young professionals in nonprofit and public board service every year. In partnership with Seattle Works, she spearheaded an effort to collect the opinions of Seattle’s 20- and 30- somethings, culminating in a series of conversations and interactive events involving over 300 people in the area. Most recently, she ran for public office as an independent. Prior to her work at Seattle Works, she directed programs at the YMCA to engage the next generation in Seattle’s civic life. She has also managed the Read More ›

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Welcome to Cascadia Prospectus, the group blog of the Cascadia Center. Here, our group of contributors – Cascadia staff and fellows – will aim for the sweet spot between vision, accountability and investment; providing news, commentary and insight on transportation, trade and technology. Our scope will be worldwide, but with a particular focus on the future of the vital and unique Cascadia region; the states of Washington and Oregon, and the Canadian province of British Columbia. We’ll seek to examine and illuminate best practices and the necessary long-term perspective on transportation planning, funding and governance. We’ll also report and comment on regional economic development; energy and environment; the intersections of technology with trade and transportation; and urban planning. A related Read More ›

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We welcome your comments on posts at Cascadia Prospectus. In fact, we’d really like to see more reader comments here, so let ’em rip! The only constraints are: no personal attacks and no profanity. We welcome civil dissent and a robust exchange of views. To add your voice to the conversation, click on “comment” from the bottom of any blog article here. Then simply scroll to the bottom of the page, where you will see the comment box and several lines above, to be filled in. (If you have arrived at one of our blog posts via a link, you will already be on a “permalink” page, and the comment box at bottom plain to see.) Please follow these simple Read More ›


On May 7, 2007, Cascadia Center presents a special day long symposium at the Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond, Washington, titled, “Jump Start To A Secure, Clean Energy Future.” An array of special guests will give presentations and participate in panel discussions on Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and renewable fuels. Cascadia’s Web page on the event provides a draft agenda, online registration, directions, and six sections of informational resource links.

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