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The entire ACES Northwest Network is invested in seeing Cascadia succeed in bringing transformative new mobility to our region. The Network welcomes new members to join us in this important work. Our region can achieve many disparate goals by engaging with all of the ACES stakeholders and technologies.

Is your organization interested in joining the Network and leveraging the substantial opportunities it represents?  Read below to learn about how Network members benefit from the Network’s collaborative Forum and the wide variety of members. Contact the ACES Northwest Network regarding membership and we’ll be happy to find a place for you in this new mobility world!

Organization Structure

The ACES Northwest Network is adopting a new model for organizing its members and adding value to the organization. Our Expertise Forum will be the foundation of the Network, with leading members occupying leadership roles in each of the key areas described by the ACES acronym.  The Leadership Forum will respond to the needs of our members by listening, facilitating, and organizing efforts and support from the staff of the Cascadia Center. Both the Expertise and Leadership Forums will meet together to share ideas, update on projects and our key programs, and provide business opportunities.

Forum Membership

Members of the ACES Northwest Network join because they want to support this important work and deliver the projects we’ve identified in our key programs.  We are fortunate to have enrolled Founding Members, Sustaining Members, and Participating Members.

Founding Members

The leadership demonstrated by Madrona Venture Group and INRIX is the foundation of this important work.

Sustaining Members

Our sustaining members are contributing time and have made a financial commitment to the Network.  Their support enables us to expand our programs and begin developing additional projects.

Participating Members

ACES Leadership

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