Every year, our Network’s leaders organize and produce nearly a dozen events, in coordination with our affiliates and non-profit partners.  For five years, our Seminar Series has focused on contemporary technologies and innovation in ACES deployments.  Our ACES Technology Roundtables are advancing mobility in Bellevue, our long-term strategic initiative.  In addition to public events, we host dozens of invitation-only meetings each year, introducing executive leaders and facilitating the next level of investment and success in deploying the ACES technologies in mobility, logistics, and energy. All of these events are made possible thanks to the generous support of members, partners, and friends.

Upcoming Events

Our 2023-2024 schedule features private meetings, invitation-only workshops, engaging summits, and our ongoing Seminar Series, covering The Building Blocks of ACES. We welcome you to become involved and informed!

The Future of Transportation Safety
Signature Event by Transportation Futures
November 14, 2023

Join your fellow transportation safety and mobility technology advocates and experts on Tuesday, November 14, 2023, in Bellevue!  Our panel of experts will be sharing insights for action that will save lives, all made possible by the building blocks of the ACES revolution. This future is emerging in Bellevue, Washington, and all across the Northwest, as the science of transportation safety meets ubiquitous data. The response to trends and behavior but now occur in near-real-time, with almost any modern vehicle, whether being operated by a human, a computer, or a combination of both.  This new frontier promises a revolution in safety, particularly for vulnerable users, creating calmer and safer streets.

This event is cooperatively delivered with T-Mobile and the Washington Section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers, following ITE’s Annual Traffic Safety Conference in Renton on November 14. Learn more at our event page and register now at no charge!

Evergreen Futures EV Bus Symposium
Signature Event
Spring 2024 planned

Your Network is bringing together vehicle manufacturers, energy innovators, and real-world EV buses and trucks for a scintillating hands-on glimpse at what happens behind the scenes. Be ahead of the curve at this luncheon and afternoon tour of a local passenger bus operator bringing EV bus operations to the Pacific Northwest!

Bellevue Curb Space Walkshop
ACES Transportation Technology Roundtable
Summer 2024 planned

SAVE THE DATE! The City of Bellevue is taking bold action on curb space with a fast-moving planning process that promises new approaches to activating urban spaces. Join city leaders and mobility and logistics experts for a walking tour of downtown Bellevue, examining how businesses are adapting to competition for curb space and what can be done to ensure that access for the most flexible and responsive essential mobility services remain prioritized during this time of change for Bellevue’s streetscapes.

Past Events

Digital Payment Innovations
Seminar Series
Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Promoting a simple and seamless experience is the goal for the world’s leading mobility providers. App-driven services that provide choices in price and predict arrival times within just a minute or two are popular with mobility consumers in part because the entire experience is managed on the screen and by the mobile device, including payments. But happens when consumers switch between mobility services? How can users avoid the complexity of a farecard and the wait for a bus or train? All of these questions concern one central facet of mobility services: Margin and market share. Join us in April to learn about how the financial services and mobility payment industries are adapting with rewards programs and a more integrated system between buses and trains and bicycles and scooters. You’ll be surprised to see what’s next for social action on in the financial and transportation sectors!

Annual Affiliate Meeting
Signature Event
December 8, 2022

Our Annual Affiliate Meeting for 2022 featured Bellevue Mayor Doctor Lynne Robinson, Renton Mayor Pavone, and Michael Christ, CEO of SECO Development, whose vision for the Landing brought our 2022 signature event venue to life!

Future of Friendly Skies
Advanced Aerial Mobility Summit & Leadership Reception
September 29, 2022

Join the Northwest’s growing gathering of Advanced Aerial Mobility enthusiasts as we work together to find a path forward for AAM implementations that meet the needs of the communities where we live, work, and play.

Bellevue/Eastside Employer Shuttle/Vanpool Summit
ACES Technology Roundtable
September 27, 2022

This invitation-only event brings together developers, property management professionals, transportation operators, employers, and our government and municipal partners in partnership with the Bellevue Downtown Association. Our goal is for the summit is to connect employer shuttle and vanpool providers, fostering collaboration in support of increasing access to these specialized and essential shared-ride services in Bellevue and across the Eastside.

ACES Technology Roundtable
Advancing Mobility in Bellevue
March 31, 2022

Our second ACES Technology Roundtable will be focused on the new Transportation Management Association, the initial results of our downtown Bellevue Street Performance Study, and the next steps for our Shared Rides Working Group.

ACES “Connect” Mixer!
Social Event
March 31, 2022

Join your fellow affiliates for a unique coffee break between the second ACES Technology Roundtable and the first 2022 Seminar Series event.

Innovative Digital Mapping
Seminar Series/Building Blocks of ACES
March 31, 2022

Crowd-sourced cloud-stored high-definition mapping continues to revolutionize how autonomous vehicles will navigate cites.  These same technologies can provide a comprehensive picture of demand for electric vehicle charging and shared-ride services, too.  Join our panel of experts to learn what’s in store from Carmera, NearMap, Verizon, and Amazon Zoox in this evolving and maturing space.

Digital Equity Forum
Seminar Series/Building Blocks of ACES
June 2022

The Future of Communications
2022 Seminar Series/Building Blocks of ACES
October 19, 2022

Big Data’s Big Picture
2022 Seminar Series/Building Blocks of ACES
November 2022

Autonomous Vehicles Live!
ACES Signature Event
Fall 2023

Continuing effects from the COVID-19 global crisis, including supply chain issues and travel restrictions, have led us to postpone this event until the fall of 2023.  In its place, we plan to offer a special Seminar Series event on logistics and automation, as a precursor to the COSM Summit, which focuses on the convergence of technologies and applications that continue to transform our world.

Every day on roads throughout our region, thousands of vehicles operate with seamless driver assistance technologies.  Now we are ready to help bring these advancements to the new line of all-electric fleets being deployed to serve ports, warehouses, deliveries, passengers, and you.  Don’t miss this incredible event in beautiful downtown Bellevue and see our Pacific Northwest companies demonstrating autonomous vehicles, live and in-person!  Keep an eye on the Mobility Minute for more information.

2017-2022 Events

Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting
January 2022

Our work with TRB and other worldwide organizations is focused on applying global insights to our unique challenges and opportunities in the Pacific Northwest.  At this year’s Annual Meeting, we’ll launch the International Motorway Institute and liaise with our collaborators in Washington, DC, and beyond.

Annual Membership Meeting
Annual Membership Event
December 9, 2021

Our 2021 Annual Membership Meeting featured the new podcast-read Insight Chats with leaders from Verizon, Hyundai, Lyft, Uber, DKS Associates, and WSDOT.  You’ll find links to these industry-leading Insight Chats on the Event Page and through posts on LinkedIn.  Let our Network help you expand your network and be prepared for the next challenges in mobility and energy in the beautiful Pacific Northwest!

ACES Technology Roundtable
Advancing Mobility in Bellevue
November 12, 2021

Business, civic, political, and technology leaders from across the Eastside follow the stunning COSM Technology Summit with an in-depth look at what’s in store for Bellevue and the Eastside’s leading cities in the coming decade. 

The Future of Logistics
ACES Seminar Series
October 19, 2021

The Washington State Transportation Commission welcomes Network members and affiliates to the second Commission session this year focused on the cleaner and more efficient future offered by ACES technologies in this session covering advancements in trucking, rail freight, agriculture, and aerial mobility.  Offered in conjunction with PNWER and hosted by the Transportation Commission.  Register with the Commission before October 18, 2021.

Shared Rides, Shared Opportunities
ACES Seminar Series
August 2021

The future of mobility is supercharged by ACES technologies and it’s already here.  For more than a decade, on-demand shared ride services have been providing reliable and comfortable trips to people around the globe.  Now, in the midst of a global crisis that has changed how people work and commute forever, we see a huge opportunity for shared ride services to dramatically expand access to suburban communities and bring riders to rail and bus transit.  You won’t want to miss this blockbuster event featuring ACES member companies and new additions to our long list of affiliates!  Look for more information in July!

Going Vertical: Opportunities for Advanced/Urban Air Mobility
ACES Seminar Series Workshop
May 18-19, 2021

Advanced/Urban Air Mobility systems are already transporting freight and people using safe, quiet, and reliable all-electric multi-rotor aircraft.   The Pacific Northwest’s largest cities provide for use cases that could dramatically improve disaster response and access to medical care while providing mobility options that advance equity and sustainability.  Contribute your ideas and share your experiences in this special ACES Seminar Series workshop event!  This event is being delivered in collaboration with Cascade AUVSI.

Charge Up Your Fleet
ACES Seminar Series
March 23, 2021

Battery technologies have advanced dramatically even as prices continue to fall.  The immediate and long-term economics of fleet electrification justify capital investments in fleets.  We’ll hear from ACES members, partners, and friends regarding the growing opportunities for capital investments in new EVs, EV charging infrastructure, local solar power generation with battery storage, and shared fleet charging capabilities.

2020 Annual Membership Meeting
Annual Membership Event
December 9, 2020

Our first fully-virtual membership meeting is open to ACES members, partners, and friends.  Social media integration will be a part of this year’s event so you can be a part of telling the story.  This year’s theme is “Big Trends in the New Normal”.

The Future of Commuting
ACES Seminar Series
October 27, 2020

Gain a deeper understanding of the trends driving the new ways people will connect and remain connected in a world where safe rideshare services leverage digital connectivity like never before.  Sponsored by Verizon.

Electrify Sea-Tac
ACES Seminar Series
August 25, 2020

The Port of Seattle’s leadership in sustainable development of economic assets has laid the foundation for a clean fuels oasis in an ocean of trees, opening new opportunities highlighted in an ACES Research Report by Scott O. Kuznicki.  Offered in conjunction with publicity partners PNWER and AUVSI Cascade.

Urban Air Mobility Conference
Partnering with AUVSI Cascade and the Community Air Mobility Initiative
April 2020

ACES Executive Director Bruce Agnew and Discovery Fellow Scott O. Kuznicki presented to a diverse audience of more than 200, addressing emerging capabilities of urban air mobility systems and partnerships with energy providers.

Tech+Mobility Conference
ACES Seminar Series

Explore the ridership trends and market forces that point to a strong future for vanpools with insights on new service models from an ACES Research Report prepared by Discovery Fellow Scott O. Kuznicki.

2019 Annual Membership Meeting
Annual Membership Event
November 2019

Hosted by Amazon in Bellevue, this meeting featured a roundtable with the City of Bellevue’s Transportation Director and the perennially popular post-meeting social hour.

Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting Reception
January 2020

ACES members and friends collaborated during TRB in Washington, DC, supporting meetings with major mobility exhibitors and Congressional leaders.

Pacific Northwest Economic Region Forum:  Transportation of Tomorrow
In partnership with PNWER
November 2019

Executive Director Bruce Agnew delivered a panel conversation focused on Pacific Northwest companies and their work in mobility, featuring Bryan Mistele, Tom Alberg, Fran Doherty, and Discovery Fellow Scott O. Kuznicki.

ACES for All Community Listening Session
ACES Community Cooperation Series
October 2019

Co-sponsored by the Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce, and moderated by Andrea Reay, this first event of our new series focused on community-level opportunities and challenges, was focused on understanding how local needs can inform the deployment of ACES technologies.  This event funded by all 2019 Sustaining Members.

Signature Event featuring Lawrence Burns
ACES Signature Series
April 2019

Automotive executive and author Lawrence Burns joined ACES members and friends for an inspiring and informative presentation followed with more than 30 minutes of direct audience interaction.  Hosted by The Bellevue Collection.

European Road Conference
October 2018

Discovery Fellow Scott O. Kuznicki was featured in Dubrovnik, where he presented and served as a panelist in a special workshop session regarding the new ACES technologies and their impacts on infrastructure and operations.  Sponsored by Transpo Group.

3 Revolutions Conference
February 2018

Network members and friends joined Executive Director Bruce Agnew of the Cascadia Center for Regional Development and the City of Bellevue’s Steve Marshall at the 3 Revolutions Conference hosted by UC Davis.

ACES Northwest Network Forum (Membership Meeting)
March 15, 2018

This third meeting of the entire membership was a turning point for membership growth and new collaboration in support of legislative testimony by ACES experts.  Hosted by the Madrona Venture Group.

PSE Ride-and-Drive Electric Day
May 2018

The ACES Northwest Network partnered with Forth and with PSE in support of this community event open to anyone willing to learn more about electric vehicles.

Pacific Northwest Economic Region Forum
November 2017

ACES Northwest Network Executive Director Bruce Agnew and Discovery Fellow and newly-selected ACES Programs Director Scott O. Kuznicki presented the economic benefits of ACES technologies to PNWER delegates, providing legislative members the tools to support improved adoption of critical safety and efficiency technologies.

Autonomous Shuttles for Local Mobility
ACES Seminar Series
October 20, 2017

Safe demonstrations of electric autonomous shuttles have created investments in these local mobility tools, which will be used to connect people to public transit without the need for valuable parking space.  Sponsored by ACES member Transpo Group at the Mercer Island Community and Event Center.