Blog Plug-In Electric Vehicles: What Role for Washington?

If you haven’t heard, Cascadia Center Senior Fellow Steve Marshall is one of several contributors to a recently published Brookings Institution book, “Plug-In Electric Vehicles: What Role for Washington?” The book, which is available at and at Brookings Institution, brings together the contributions of many leading experts to evaluate “what can and should be done to advance the role of plug-in electric vehicles.” David Sandalow is the editor of the book.
Steve Marshall wrote the chapter titled, “Electric Utility Issues in Replacing Oil with Electricity in Transportation.” In the book, Steve concludes: “We need a national program to jump-start a clean, secure energy future. And we need an enduring system of utility regulation that provides the right incentives to turn utilities into what can be thought of as the gas stations of the future.”
We encourage you to pick up this timely and critically important contribution to the debate about how to help solve our dependence on oil.