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Congratulations, Canada!
BY Bruce Chapman
Reserve used to be a characteristic trait of Canadians. Not patriotic. Defined by what they weren’t–that is, not Americans.
No more. Canadians these days can’t stop singing, “O, Canada” and painting their faces red and white. They shout and carry on like, well, I can’t help noting, Americans.
Tonight they deserve congratulations and thanks. They have staged a magnificent Winter Olympics in the fabulous world city of Vancouver and the superb modern resort of Whistler-Blackcomb. They could have been stumped by the unseasonably warm weather, but they weren’t. They could have been undone by the pressure of media and transportation. They weren’t. Their guests are flying out of town feeling happy and grateful.
Especial praise goes to our Cascadia ally, British Columbia. What incredible strides the province has made in a generation or so!
Some said that Canadians should feel chagrined that they didn’t win as many medals as the U.S., or even the Germans. Nonsense. Canada is a fraction of the population of the U.S. (even if you only count the states that have winter sports), and yet they managed a huge haul, including, of course the men’s hockey gold, which was about all they seemed to care about this sunny Sunday afternoon.
Well, let them have it. We, in turn, are fortunate to have such fine, fun neighbors. They are excellent hosts and friends.