Blog Now We’re Talking Real Money: $590 Million for Northwest High-Speed Rail

The idea of better high-speed rail in the Northwest’s Cascadia Corridor came out of the ether and into the realm of reality last night in the nation’s capital and today in Florida with President Obama’s announcement of $590 million for the region’s high-speed rail development. Amidst the applause and subtle guffaws so typical at all State of the Union addresses, Washingtonians — especially those who have so long worked on the issue in this part of the U.S. — cheered.
As the Seattle Times’ reported this morning, “The money represents the Northwest’s piece of an $8 billion stimulus package for high-speed rail, to be announced Thursday in Florida by President Obama.”
Washington’s Governor Christine Gregoire, in a press release said:

“These funds will offer great returns: We will put people to work and improve a transit service on which more and more Washingtonians rely,” Gregoire said. “Thanks to these investments, we will move more people, move them more efficiently and move them more reliably.”

The funding will be used for everything from upgrading tracks to increasing the frequency and speed of service along the Cascadia Corridor.