Blog USDOT Agreement to Advance Careers of Women in Transportation

Photo source: Fast Lane
Though it often gets pushed off the front page, everyone knows that the U.S. is going to require money and minds to solve and secure its infrastructure future. An agreement signed today in Washington, D.C., will help make sure that women remain — and advance — as a key part of that effort.

With the WTS audience as witnesses, I signed an understanding between DOT and WTS to encourage women to complete undergraduate and graduate degrees in science, technology, engineering and math–without having to put their transportation careers on hold.

Those are the words of U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood, who today signed an agreement with WTS (Women’s Transportation Seminar International), the leading group dedicated to advancing the careers of women in transportation.
As Secretary LaHood wrote on his blog, Fast Lane, “the entire (transportation) industry is full of opportunities,” ranging from “environmental engineering and alternative fuel research” to “railroad, construction, and aerospace.” Those opportunities, however, won’t be without challenge — a challenge requiring the best science, engineering, technology and math minds the country can offer. The agreement signed today is important for sure. And it will hopefully help ensure the country has the resources and talent to meet its inevitable future infrastructure needs.