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ACES Technology Roundtable

Advancing Mobility in Bellevue

Eastside business and civic leaders, elected officials, and regional trailblazers will gather for our second in-depth conversation exploring how the applications of ACES-related technologies will transform Bellevue and the Eastside in the coming decade. The region’s largest employers are adding more than 30,000 new positions in Bellevue and downtown Bellevue’s accelerating growth brings challenges related to maintaining mobility on the I-405 corridor and providing for adequate energy for the growing electrified vehicle fleet. Against this backdrop of challenges, the people of the Eastside’s communities are presented with an opportunity to maintain the high quality of life that draws people to live, work, and play in Bellevue.


Our second ACES Technology Roundtable will be focused on the three goals outlined in our Advancing Mobility in Bellevue plan, developed in cooperation with representatives from the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce and its Transportation Committee.  Together, we will advance the reliability and accessibility of on-demand point-to-point shared mobility and logistics services, increase local opportunities for regional deployment of the flexible vanpool networks of the future, and accelerate the expansion of EV charging facilities that support Mobility Marketplaces

  • Arrive as early as 3 p.m. for our ACES “Connect” Mixer!
  • Short presentation with discussion concerning the new Shared Rides Working Group planning and goals
  • Discussion regarding strengthening our regional Transportation Management Associations
  • Presentation of the initial results of the 2021 Bellevue Street Performance Study for discussion
  • Discussion regarding the Cascadia Mobility Data Collaborative
  • Plan for our post-event reception with location to be announced at the event

This in-person event will not be recorded or broadcast to a general audience online.  We are encouraged by our Members’ commitment to a discussion based on mutual respect and cordially request adherence to the Chatham House Rule.

Advancing Mobility in Bellevue

The ACES Northwest Network is partnering with the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce to deliver our Advancing Mobility in Bellevue initiative through this ongoing series of Technology Roundtable events. The roundtable events will achieve these four shared objectives in support of our three Advancing Mobility goals.

  • Provide information on the latest advancements in ACES technologies to Bellevue’s business and civic leaders in cooperation with the city government
  • Create a foundation for data collection and analysis partnerships that can inform intelligent decisions related to the deployment of mobility and energy services
  • Convene the Roundtable regularly as a forum to discuss how these technologies are being applied in Bellevue in the context of the values of sustainability, equity, cooperation, and accessibility
  • Build consensus and cooperation among Roundtable participants toward beneficial partnerships between businesses, civic organizations, and Bellevue’s city government

New technologies continue to transform our world and the ACES revolution will shape Bellevue’s continued growth for decades to come. Join us on March 31 and be a part of this exciting future!

Associated Events

Seminar Series: Digital Mapping Innovations
March 31, 2022
1:30 PM to 3:00 PM

ACES “Connect” Mixer
March 31, 2022
3:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Event Hosts

Bruce Agnew

Director, Cascadia Center
Since 1993, Bruce Agnew has been leading the Northwest Cascadia initiative serving as director of the Cascadia Center in Seattle. The Center is a private, non-profit, public policy center engaged in regional and international transportation and technology. Bruce also co-chairs of the Transportation Group for the Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER) – a public private partnership of ten Northwest states and Western Canadian provinces/territories. Since 2017, he has served as director of the ACES NW Network dedicated to the acceleration of ACES (Autonomous-Connected-Electric-Shared) technology in transportation.

Scott Kuznicki

Research Fellow, Cascadia Center for Regional Development
Scott O. Kuznicki is the two-time recipient of the Transportation Futures Fellowship with the Discovery Institute's Cascadia Center for Regional Development. Across the six-year program, Scott is conducting research related to transportation policy and operations with an emphasis on human factors and machine learning, technology integration related to automated vehicle operations, and the long-term sustainability of the transportation system overall. His particular research focus is the economic opportunity and sustainability afforded by world-class motorway systems. Scott is the President and Managing Engineer at Modern Traffic Consultants, the Associate Director of the ACES Northwest Network, and the founder of the International Motorway Institute.


Thursday, March 31, 2022
4:00 PM – 5:30 PM


INRIX Kirkland Office
10210 NE Points Dr., Suite 400
Kirkland, WA 98033



Scott Kuznicki