The ACES Northwest Network

An initiative of Discovery Institute’s Cascadia Center and Technology Project, the ACES Northwest Network unites the technology, public policy, and government sectors to address the regulatory challenges of AutonomousConnectedElectric, and Shared vehicles in the Puget Sound region. We envision a Puget Sound transportation system that fully utilizes the benefits of advanced technologies to become faster, safer, and more efficient.


The integration of fully autonomous vehicles into our current transportation system requires the thoughtful development of a regulatory framework that allows the opportunity for testing and demonstration.


Familiar technologies such as route guidance provided with real-time traffic maps significantly reducing traffic congestion by avoiding traffic tie-ups and managing speeds within a transportation corridor.


Electric vehicles have the potential to significantly reduce our region’s fuel consumption and carbon emissions. This technology they requires additional infrastructure, such as charging stations, in order to meet the demands of most drivers.


Ride-share technologies such as Uber, Lyft, ReachNow, and Car2Go offer an unforeseen combination flexibility and affordability in transportation, obviating the requirement of personal vehicle ownership in urban locations.

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