The ACES Northwest Network supports members, partners, and all affiliates in the delivery of mobility, logistics, and energy projects throughout the Pacific Northwest.  We accomplish this on the foundation of our core initiatives and tell the story with our five program tracks.

Image courtesy of Jill McKay/IBI Group

A Foundation for Success

The core of our program is our Mobility Marketplaces concept and our efforts to develop public-private partnerships through the Washington State Autonomous Vehicles Demonstration Corridor Coalition.  These two initiatives form the foundation of technology deployment in the Puget Sound region.

A Platform for Progress

The Network’s platform for sharing ideas, innovation, and results is our five Program Tracks.  These Program Tracks (see image below) structure our member participation and help us organize events and activities around the topics of digital infrastructure, energy and transportation electrification, vehicle automation, shared-ride services, and urban air mobility.  Each of these is fully supported by Mobility Marketplaces and through the goals of the Demonstration Corridor Coalition.  Each Program Track is made possible by a Premier Sponsor and Premier Sponsors join the ACES Leadership Forum, our executive-level steering committee chaired by the Associate Director with Network co-founders and the Program Director.

Image courtesy of Scott O. Kuznicki

Mobility Marketplaces

Mobility Marketplaces are self-sustaining and sustainable hubs for mobility, logistics, and energy.  Download the Mobility Marketplaces Fact Sheet and learn more in just one page!

Washington State Autonomous Vehicle Demonstration Corridor Coalition

Our AVDCC will be growing in 2021.  All ACES Northwest Network Members and Partners are eligible to join the Coalition.  As the Coalition grows, new efforts to promote public-private partnerships will be introduced and we expect to deliver a demonstration project on a selected corridor in mid-2023.

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Image courtesy of Scott O. Kuznicki

Working Together to Tell the ACES Story

These core initiatives support project deployment and the program tracks support organized events concerning the work of our members and the Network staff.  Our events in 2021 include the Seminar Series, our Signature Event, the Annual Membership Meeting, policy development workshops with contributing members, and regular meetings of the Leadership Forum of Premier Sponsors and our Signature Sponsor with executive leadership.  Our Community Collaboration events began in 2017 and continue in 2021 with conversations concerning goals of sustainability, equity, cooperation, and accessibility.   See our Events page for more information!


Our members and partners are working together to deliver projects in the areas of technology and infrastructure with a particular focus on our core values of sustainability and equity.  Each of these projects is supported by our efforts to deploy Mobility Marketplaces and create opportunity through the AV Demonstration Corridor Coalition.

  • Shared-Ride Services and the ACES CommutePool model
  • Curb Space Management
  • Fleet Electrification
  • EV Charging Networks
  • Urban Air Mobility
  • 5G for C-V2X and Digital Mobility