Blog Blog Mission

Welcome to Cascadia Prospectus, the group blog of the Cascadia Center. Here, our group of contributors – Cascadia staff and fellows – will aim for the sweet spot between vision, accountability and investment; providing news, commentary and insight on transportation, trade and technology. Our scope will be worldwide, but with a particular focus on the future of the vital and unique Cascadia region; the states of Washington and Oregon, and the Canadian province of British Columbia.
We’ll seek to examine and illuminate best practices and the necessary long-term perspective on transportation planning, funding and governance. We’ll also report and comment on regional economic development; energy and environment; the intersections of technology with trade and transportation; and urban planning.
A related part of our mission is to serve as an information clearinghouse. For your convenience, we’ll be archiving our blog posts here under various sub-categories which are each easily accessed from a main page hub. We’ll also be seeking to build out useful links to research; selected media and blogs; and agencies and institutions. We’ll share here what we’re learning as Cascadia continues to enagage expert researchers, and organize conferences, such as our May 7 symposium at the Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond, “Jump Start To A Secure, Clean Energy Future.”
Your voice is an important ingredient here. Please feel encouraged to add comments to the blog posts, after viewing our comment tips and policy. We also welcome feedback on the blog and story tips; please click on “E-Mail Editor.”