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We welcome your comments on posts at Cascadia Prospectus. In fact, we’d really like to see more reader comments here, so let ’em rip! The only constraints are: no personal attacks and no profanity. We welcome civil dissent and a robust exchange of views. To add your voice to the conversation, click on “comment” from the bottom of any blog article here. Then simply scroll to the bottom of the page, where you will see the comment box and several lines above, to be filled in. (If you have arrived at one of our blog posts via a link, you will already be on a “permalink” page, and the comment box at bottom plain to see.)
Please follow these simple steps to leave a comment. On the designated lines:
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4) Then proceed to the text box, and add your comment. Please check for spelling, style and syntax (using the “Preview” feature if you wish). Then after any final edits you make, click on “Post.” Please note: comments are quickly reveiwed before publishing.
PRIVATE COMMUNICATIONS WITH BLOG EDITOR: Your private comments, suggestions or story tips to the editor of the blog, Matt Rosenberg, are very much encouraged. Please click on “E-mail Editor,” which is one of several links bordering our blog masthead.